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2020-12-05T12:02:38-05:00 86.170 ms up
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  • Liam
    this sites been down so long no new up dates dont think it will come back it a easy way for them just to close it down and move on a good it person shouldent take so long
  • Smathe
    Is e-chat even coming back??
  • Kieato P.
    And what makes it worst is that I don't know where the gatelanders went...
  • Kieato P.
    *Sign...* the bad thing I that I didn't know everyone I talked to social media and I didn't even ask them for it
  • Mary
    Thanks Greg for your words. Yes many might have learned that ,but again let's not be too pessimistic. I agree with what you said.
  • Greg
    @Kieato P. -- 12% chance of it coming back? But they act like it's a promise, constitution tier that they will come back. They're offline message says this. But I see why you're pessimistic of its return. The problem is is that people don't know where everyone else is. Not everyone's Internet savvy. There are lazy souls out there and there are people who use to say on there "I only talk on e-chat, no skype, no email." But now look what's happened!? I heard that people are using Wired chat. But the big question for me and others is, do people KNOW to use it? Every case is different. We've learnt a valuable lesson in all this -- never trust any website will be around "forever." No matter how big or small the website is. Demand others give you other ways of contacting them. Consider them fake if they don't! As if this year wasn't already bad. We have to move on somehow even if it's hard. But it's sad if you've lost people like I have! :(
  • Kieato P.
    But...I wonder what eveyone else is using to roleplay since E-Chat is closed down?
  • Kieato P.
    Greg, to be honest I was expecting this..I knew this was going to happen sooner or later so I was not even surprised when it shut down. They are just going to leave that message on the site and leave E-Chat closed for good. There is a 12% chance that E-Chat will come back..
  • Greg
    Kieato -- If e-chat's not going to come back, the message on the site should indicate this. Life's very unfair. You could be right.
  • Kieato P.
    Uhh.. This is Kieato Petal from E-Chat. A few of you maybe know me but I don't actually think E-Chat is coming back anytime soon so in the mean time you all should find something new ..I am sure there are a lot more sites to role-play on! Yes I know a few of you lost one or two friends because of this but.. Meh..
  • Mary
    Thanks Greg... And yeah I don't even know wether that person will be back on echat or not
  • Greg
    Yes it does feel like it's "forever" waiting for e-chat to come back! I read some of your comments. I share your frustrations. I tried to contact him. I really hope he gets it fixed asap. Like what Mary said on 29th Oct, I lost someone special on there as well... I don't even know what it's going to be like when it comes back on.
  • Kasey
    How much longer is echat going to be down for?
  • Mary
    Its like taking forever...
  • Kiik
    I am from Canada..