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2021-02-27T15:58:52-05:00 52.560 ms up
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2021-02-27T10:30:05-05:00 51.834 ms up
2021-02-27T03:37:03-05:00 55.642 ms up
2021-02-27T03:31:21-05:00 149.475 ms up
2021-02-27T00:04:35-05:00 52.904 ms up
2021-02-26T23:03:26-05:00 55.041 ms up
2021-02-26T22:59:54-05:00 23.315 ms up
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  • Jon Moxley
    Hello, We have sustained an attack resulting in E-Chat being down. E-Chat is currently non-profit and we simply cannot afford proper means to mitigate such attacks in any way
  • Smathe
    When would e chat be up? I heard it would expire in Marh if they dont do something about it. PLEASE BRING BACK UP THE SITE PLZ-
  • Matt
    I miss my beautiful wife that I love so much and now I am scared because I don't want people asking us out and we are in a long turn relationship and please don't not ask us for stuff or anything OK and we miss you all and we all love each other <3
  • Sadie
    Anyone remember Lmao cafe? Broken_soul Marthyu Isabellamiamia Dawn Jakeyyy Teddy_UwU Online Psyhic D@mn I miss the site... Gatelands
  • Madi
    Does anyone know when echat is coming back? Or if its ever coming back?
  • Sadie
    It's been forever, I miss e-chat. I miss my friends. I miss my besties. I miss my bf Gosh, I even miss the spam lol-
  • Kieato P.
    Maybe I am got too used to e-chat but chatogo is kinda confusing and it doesnt well...How to explain this..Its just nothing like e-chat..
  • Echo
    2021-01-22T17:52:49-05:00 so that site I think maybe be indicating that e-chat will be tooken down on may 8 2021, aka on the section that says exspires on. So unless they do something in a few months I have a guess e-chat may not be up any more. Though this is upsetting of course. I've seen people that were from the gatelands on chatogo. The roleplay site for it atleast. So maybe we make this new site as our roleplay place? Though it does force a email verfication. So maybe not. Welp echo out bye fellow e-chaters. Have a good day/night.
  • Greg
    @Kieato P. -- Yeah so I don' t know what this mysterious Matt is doing to getting it back up again. I just saw his message, that's all I know.
  • Kieato P.
    Also it's been four months and some days. Really sad! 😧
  • Kieato P.
    @Greg Hm...Great News!..Also thank you so much for giving us updates. Now I am having a bit more hope. 😁
  • Greg
    @Kieato P., @Mary. Yeah I read your responses a while ago. You're welcome. But I found out by accident that someone by the name of "Matt" on a different page reckons that e-chat will be up and running soon: "Matt 04-Jan-2021 15:39:18 Hey everyone happy new year to you and echat will be coming back soon and I hope you a where of it" Type in in the search to find the comment. I don't know why it's weirdly on a different page though. Does anyone know who "Matt" is? Is he a developer? I tried to ask about him but got no reply. But anyway. I hope "soon" means the site will be up by the end of January or Feb 1. I hope it helps. It's already been 2 weeks though....
  • .ri.
    Yall dead or something. Where are the updates?
  • Kieato P.
    Thank you Greg! I sent it to him and wrote something(2 paragraphs). I hope he notices it...
  • Mary
    @Greg done!☺