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2021-06-19T12:00:56-04:00 221 ms down
2021-06-18T13:49:41-04:00 147 ms down
2021-06-15T00:13:55-04:00 99 ms down
2021-06-13T20:14:35-04:00 179 ms down
2021-06-06T20:32:18-04:00 120 ms down
2021-06-06T19:59:30-04:00 6 ms down
2021-06-06T19:58:48-04:00 50 ms down
2021-06-06T00:42:42-04:00 116 ms down
2021-06-01T18:10:49-04:00 132 ms down
2021-05-31T18:25:47-04:00 154 ms down
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Annie Annie
I love ffilms.org, but it's been down for over a week now. I use Google Chrome. Should I try Firefox? What works?
Posted 1 year ago
sarah waterworth sarah waterworth
i love this website. it the only website i can find to watch really old movies
Posted 1 year ago
IsaDesOsiers IsaDesOsiers
For me, as of 9 Aug 2019, FFilms is also down, and seems to have been for about two weeks. I wondered what was going on and did a search about it, fell upon this helpful site. I really enjoy their stock of marvelous old chestnuts, and so although I go there rarely, I appreciate the site, which I stream legally from my country.
Posted 1 year ago
Hannalore Hannalore
It is likely that Ffilms was the subject of another massive distributed denial of service attack by one of the large companies that have copyright holdings. Since it has been down for two weeks and counting, it was probably devastating to the site. I have never seen Ffilms down this long. Hopefully they will resurface but it will be expensive to repair and who knows what kind of funding they have.
Posted 1 year ago
Rick Rick
Film industry corporations were maintaining special cash slush funds for bribing officials.
The domain ffilms.org was hacked by corrupt London police officers.
Corruption continues to have a dire effect on the global economy. The bottom line is that corruption hinders social and economic growth, delays the emergence of developing economies and stunts thriving democracies based on good governance and the rule of law.
Posted 1 year ago
jeff westcott jeff westcott
dear ffilms......please get working again.....you have awesome movies!
Posted 1 year ago
Jo Jo
Anyone know what this means? And who fixes it, the user, or the website? CONNECTION REFUSED? What's that? HELP please!

Something went wrong.
Posted 1 year ago
Jo Jo
Have been trying to access the FFilms.Free Films.org for over a week now. Wrote 2 emails to the webmaster. No response, and nothing has been fixed. Is this going to be down permanently, or just what is the problem? When can we expect it to be restored if ever? We certainly do miss this free film site, since so many of them are going the way of the dinosaur. Is someone trying to get rid of all the sites that are free & convert them to pay-per-view? That sucks, everything has to be commercialized & privatized for-profit only. Someone please fix this site! Thank you!
Posted 1 year ago
Zeke Banura Zeke Banura
It's looks like it went the way of megashare, primewire, and other sites that are gone or are on the way out. It did kind of die a gradual death. Ffilms was out there there for so many years, so why now? Why ask why I guess because the answers are not forthcoming.
Posted 1 year ago
Lori Lori
Just tried again to see if ffilms.org is back up. As others have said on here, I liked viewing the older movies and some "hard to find" films. As for those who are insinuating that this site illegally posted movies, that is not true. Any copyright complaint resulted in the movie being taken down. I believe that if copyright or pirating films were the issues, it would be in the news. That is how it has always been when other sites were taken down. I hope the site is back up very soon. I truly miss it.
Posted 1 year ago