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  • Potato
    Howdyious , esta bien
  • Kyliespartnerincrime
    I knew a girl from t.c.. We chatted and drank with zombz on tinychat. Then when we worked out, zombz and bobby would come to the window and watch our saggy booties. Teehee. Oh and that 1 night on OMGpop where i made a typo and sent you some A.......G....... *giggles*
  • Howdyious
    Pfft, I dunno. Probably not, but whatever lol.
  • Ranger Danger
    Holy fuck...u good dude? Oof
  • Howdyious
    I guess it merged all the paragraphs. Oh well.
  • Howdyious
    I'm starting to lose hope that the sites are ever coming back. I just want to find my friend, which is kinda hard to do when you only know their name. I found a word doc that I made back in November, where I just vented all my feelings. The first time I read over it, my only thought was "Ew". I wrote about how scared I was that wouldn't be able to talk to them again, and how grateful I was for the time we did have together. I'd post it, but it's very long, dramatic, embarrassing, and honestly kinda of creepy. Looking back on it, I almost sounded obsessed (in a sense, I was). I guess I sort of latched on to them emotionally. I felt like they were the only person in the world who understood me. For the first few months after TC initially went down, I literally thought about them every day. I missed them so much, I think it actually hurt. I'll admit, I still think about them every now and then. Just wondering how they're doing and such. A part of me feels like I shouldn't try to find them, though. When we met, I wasn't a good person. Over the month or so we talked, I lied to them multiple times because I was (still am) a selfish, self-loathing attention seeker. They always saw through my bullshit, and overall just didn't care. They actually thought my lies were intriguing since they were so fucking fake and story-like. Their instant forgiveness made me worse, which is why I kept doing it. After writing/reading the last paragraphs, I took a moment to think. It would probably be best for both of us if we didn't get back in contact. Although I have grown a lot in the past few months, I'm afraid I'll revert to my old parasitic ways. Even if I didn't hurt them in the past with my actions (or so they said), I'm scared I will permanently damage our friendship. Anyway, I apologize for the long post. There's probably a ton of grammar errors in there, but I already spent enough time on it (like, an hour). Godspeed for now, peeps.
  • Lmao Lena Helium Girl
    Lol dang you could write a book
  • I Am Lost
    I dont know where to start from. I first visited this site in late 2014s and that's when i fell in love with someone. irrevocably. Long distance relationships are hard but zobe helped me to balance it out. I know you all will say yada yada but I will forever be grateful to zobe. I tried to login on it few days ago and found out about its being shutdown. I am deeply saddened by the sudden closure cause I know there were people on it who were tlthere to find an escape from their montonous, busy or melancholic life. I wish someday admin Mr. Daniel Walton s realises it was far greater than an instant chatroom. It was like a holy grail for some of us. Helped us through tough times. Best kind of people i met there. Wish you all the best in life. Teary eyed taking my leave everyone. Be happy guys. *I see fire*
  • Rexy
    Yo Bri u around sexy ass 🤪 where you and Kylie hanging out now hook me up I need new e-friends 🥴
  • Haha
    They have been up like that months lol
  • Mayo
    Man,its up,but i cant login or do anything, Zobe and TC are empty shells of what they used to be:(
  • Tomm
    Anime is mine I’m such a loser
  • Mysiteis
    Redtube. Its my favorite *giggles*
  • Howdyious
    What's your site?
  • Doyouknowwhatididlastsummer
    howdyious who is the person u are looking for cause I might have them on my site
  • Howdyious
    Debating whether or not to ask y'all if you know my friend. I lost contact with them when TC went down, and I'd really like to get back in touch. I don't want to out any personal details them, but I'm sort of getting desperate, haha.
  • Moo
    Yo Jean you seem like someone I no have you got a sis named Lila if not no worries where I from cause I’m from Dublin 🤠
  • Moo
    i can’t stop farting 🥴 I need to cut down on the egg whites and broccoli think I’ll buy zobe domain lol
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