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  • Drummer92
    What the hell is going on? This site is down for a few weeks now and it is a shame that you don't get ANY information about what is going on an IF this site shut down by external influences, like the US FBI or something like that.
  • Colin
    2019-10-21T17:53:50-04:00 is a great site for DVD labels but doesn't do CD labels, for those try I hope this helps some of you.
  • Peter
    Any one know of a good site (large inventory) for free or reasonable priced disc labels? Been a member of freecovers for years, but alas, this looks fatal. Did lots of searches on line for a good site, but could only fined ones that have very limited labels or are just overcharging for minimal inventory
  • Elizabeth
    Can anyone tell me a good site I can download disc covers please?
  • Keith
    Hi Derek I'm a gold member who along with others has been unable to access the site. Regarding my comments which are based on FACTS....I have an associate/friend who works in the copyright industry who has informed me that this site has been taken down due to copyright breaches. This is not speculation but off the record information based on a very complex and lengthy investigation. As I said in a previous comment as much as we all liked the site it was walking a fine line with regards to legalisation and copyright law. Personally that doesn't bother me but I don't write the rules. The reasons that nobody (including yourself) can no longer get on the site is because it no longer exists. No I am not a freecovers representative, but that doesn't mean that I don't have the abilities to access certain information. And with regards to representatives of ..........nowhere to be seen. I trust my source information and have offered it here so that others are aware....whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you. Also Mr Willabus is under PayPal investigation for taking membership money in the week leading up to the collapse.
  • Derek Banks
    Hello Keith. Regarding your comment. Who exactly are you ? Another forum member just posting a speculative comment, or someone connected with Free Covers. This does not help others understand what is going on. Unless it comes from a Free Covers representative. Sadly, I feel that what that you commented could be very well be the case. But very bad of them not telling their customers especially as they were taking “Gold Membership” subscription fees only days before disappearing from the internet. I also have tried to contact the server host site ( StackPath, LLC ) As Member ( Ken Dearden 11-Oct-2019 ) did, thanks for the info Ken. I also have had no response to my enquiries from them. It seems they are just as bad.
  • Keith
    The site has been taken down due to copyright breaches. So sadly that's it.
  • Terri Ferrier
    This is happening way to often. I wish, as a courtesy, that the owner of freecovers would post something somewhere, letting his users know what's going on and how long before it should be back up and running. There are other places to download covers from. Not many and not near the selection of freecovers. For myself, I look for dvd disk labels. I've found only one site that has any at all and they have maybe 1 in 20 that I look for. As a result, I have to use covers and movie posters to try to custom make disk labels that I need. I do OK but not great.
  • Mick Dunn
    can anyone give me a good site where I can download audio covers please.
  • Ken Dearden
    I have just tried accessing and I get "Error 543 The origin web server is not available". The site address resolves to the IP address and I can both ping it and traceroute to it. The attempt to connect to it using receives the message "This page can’t be found. No webpage was found for the web address: htttp://". The conclusion is that either the site has been taken down or it has been moved to another server and the DNS entry has not been updated. The server is hosted by StackPath, LLC, 2021 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1100, Dallas, Texas (E-mail I have attempted to contact the hosting site to discover what has happened to the web site and where the owner may be contacted.
  • Nick Razor
    Never gave him a dime... THANKFULLY! However, since he first started out, it has gotten easier to get DVD/CD covers elsewhere. It'd be AWESOME if someone started a folder on Usenet (newsgroups).
    Free Covers down yet again ? This time it looks fatal . None of servers are being found at all. Have they been closed down ? Have they had a serious server malfunction ? Have their web servers been attacked ? Would be nice if someone from "Free Covers" posted some form of comment. As it is, it just gives the impression they have taken the money and run !! I would suggest as others have done for all paying members of the site to contact Pay Pal and further also the appropriate authority’s report internet fraud, as they were excepting “Gold Memberships” payments in the week they went down. Perhaps if pressure is brought to bear on them. We will get some form of explanation posted from them. Then if all is above board we will all know. Communication does not cost a thing.
  • Joseph Scott
    MA, hopefully they'll be back up and running again,Mal What's the email address in regards to other free cover an labels Web site's...
  • Mal
    It`s been down for nearly 2 weeks now took peoples money and disappeared. No trace of him anywhere. Anyone wanting FREE cover sites just drop me an email Thanks
  • Keith
    Just to update users of I filed a complaint with PayPal asking for a full refund of my "Gold Membership" which after a 10 day investigation they've awarded in my favour. I have been unable to contact Mr Willabus via email, as emails keep bouncing back. I believe that PayPal also had the same problem so that's probably (hopefully) his PayPal service suspended. I don't think I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with such an arrogant individual. On another note I've tried accessing the site via numerous VPN servers thinking that it could be a geographical block but his actual site is showing as fully down. It's my personal opinion that maybe he's been shut down by the authorities based on copyright breaches. As much as we all loved the site and its content copyright is being breached.