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  • Lou Dynowicz
    Guess what schmucks it's still not working, do you guys get paid for Work Like This????? please let me come to work for you, I would love to get paid for work that doesn't work and does not accomplish a d@mn thing.
  • Lou Dynowicz
    Well Here we go again, it's still not working you losers, Maybe you should go on quaranteening and maybe that will give you an excuse for existing. You shmucks please return my investment in you because you don't deserve the investment, although when it works its just great, but getting it to work is another matter. Better call the experience individual's in, and maybe they can figure out what in heavens name your doing wrong.
  • Lou Dynowicz
    ARe You ever going to be able to fix you dam software??? What the hell is a Matter with you???? this should be able to be fixed if you are the author of the software, if not then you have very serious problems. I Demand that you send me my money back at once. I'm Not joking any more with you people because its not working oh it may be working for maybe a couple of hours and then it splatters, no listening and certainly not working. So shut yourself down, cancel the sofgtware, go out of business and never create something that you can not fix in the first place. Now send me my money back, you people do not deserve money. Send me my money back at once. Bastards.
  • Dewnette
    MP3Jams is down most of the time. it has not worked for me in 3 weeks. I have tried everything. when it was free to download all you wanted it never gave so much trouble. but when they limited your downloads and started charging thats when the problem started. so why did i pay for this again? someone please tell me
  • Lou Dynowicz
    So Today you shut me down, I can no lonbger hear the music and download the music. Yesterday you schmucks I was on all day, listening and downloading perfectly and now you I can't do anything with MP3Jam. What kind of organization is this place, you should be able to do something about this and I know this post will go unanswered because you don't give a sh!t as to these problems. Send me my monehy back, you don't deserve it for causing problem like this, either fix or move on.
  • Lou Dynowicz
    Guess What People, MP3Jam not working Again, can not listen and can not download. I guess you are at it again. it only works once in a while. Not what I Signed Up for. I need this program or App whatever you wish to call it to Work all the time. I shall repeat my previous Messages to You whether you wish to read them or notWhat the Hell is wrong with MP3Jam again. It was working 3 hours ago, I was able to listen and download. AT this time I can not listen or download again. what is heavens name is going on over there??? I have never seen anything like this. Are there any other alternatives to get them to make this thing work fort more than 3 hours. Are they out of their minds out there. What is going on.???????.
  • Bone
    It searches fine but every track says it's not available
  • Lou Dynowicz
    What the Hell is wrong with MP3Jam again. It was working 3 hours ago, I was able to listen and download. AT this time I can not listen or download again. what is heavens name is going on over there??? I have never seen anything like this. Are there any other alternatives to get them to make this thing work fort more than 3 hours. Are they out of their minds out there. What is going on.???????
  • Lou
    Well your full of it, because all of my computers(4) running Ie I hope you know what that means is not working, not able to play and certainly not be able to download So Your full of it.
  • Lou Dynowicz
    It's not working, sometimes it doesn't open, and sometimes it does paly and when it doesn't play you can not download. You know In all My years as a Data Processing Professional(35 Years) I have never seen or heard of a lack of unprofessional individuals working at this place. Not only do they not Know what they are doing and especially the lack of consideration for the amount of customers they have and of which these customers including myself have contributed a certain amount of Money. So I don't understand, I have requested my meager contribution with out any answer. MP3Jam worked this morning, when I came back this afternoon it has stopped in every manner. May I ask a Question of this President of this Company??? What the hell is wrong with you??? You disregard all Problems by not answering any type of communication. Because I am going to report this situation to this universe and hopefully we will get a resolve. I don't believe it will come from You cause all you know is take the money and one day your going to have to run, and I hope you get caught, You unprofessional Human Being That you are. I understand that you can have problems not such as these, these problems are uncalled for. But not to notify your consumers is really Unconscionable. Schmuck
  • Lou
    Those Looser at MP3jam can't Get It Right, they are supposed to provide a Service and the only thing that they are providing is nothing, absolutely nothing, it works for a day and then crashes I have reload this software 7 time and guess what it worked yesterday on an old computer of Mine with the old software and it worked today it stopped working on the old computer, Wonderful programmer they do know what they are doing in a Pigs Ass., I wish they get their act together someday. IN the meantime keep on trucking you losers at MP3jam.If you were working for me and I have over 30 Years in this industry, I would fire you A__ and don't let the door hit you in the A__ on the way out.
  • Fred Coop
    My MP3jam was ok but then stopped working after I installed a new antivirus program and then turned off Microsoft Essentials. The new antivirus thought it was a PUP (potentially unwanted program) and disabled it and quarantined it. I had already entered MP3jam as an allowed program, but it still ignored that. I found that if I disabled the new antivirus and enabled Microsoft one instead for the session when I wanted to use MP3jam, it worked ok. So if you are having trouble, it could be down to your antivirus not liking it.
  • Austin W Thomas
    My Mp3 Jam is not working. Cannot play any files, preview them or download. Who else has this problem?
  • Jim
    mp3jam not working for a week now......uninstalled and reinstalled.......nothing found????????
  • Steve,
    mp3jam comes up with nothing found, before that working OK, Steve.